Delicious Mint

(In Beta Testing Phase)

< / This is how we work >


We have diverse Artistic Layouts and Amazing Designs.
Variety of options to customize your App.
We think of App Building as an ART.


We help to build your application quickly
You Don't have to be a Programmer to design the Application
Our custom tool will maintain your build process and your App will be ready in few minutes.


Create and share your application on the three wonderful platforms provided by us - App Store, Play Store and the WEB
Create it for your own greater good.

< / Main Reasons to try App in Minute >

Dynamic Design

Customize your app with our dynamic and responsive designs. which are platform independent

Never Code

Tired of Coding...! No need to do that here. Code free Layouts for flexible development of the application

App in Minutes

Forget about developing your app in months or days Do it here in just few minutes.

Low cost App Development

The right price which fits every pocket. Get to share on the three platforms at a very low price.

Go digital Go global

Take your local shop to the enormous 24 X 7 online market, have global customers and boost your business digitally.

< / Future Features >


Soon we will be providing an e-commerce platform
which will help you in setting up online selling process and will help selling your products to every customer over the internet.

Events & Appointments

A panel for creating events for different ocassions or meetups. Customers can book appointments. you can manage all the appointments from the application itself.

< / Our Customers >

We are solving software related problems of every customer and creating new values everyday in everyone's lives.