Benefits of Mobile App & Website

Benefits of Mobile App & Website

Our Pockets are filled with them !

    Of course, we are talking about mobile phones or smartphones. Everyone from a rural area to a cosmopolitan city uses smartphones. an average person spends 4 hours of his day on a mobile device. Businesses from all over the world are switching to mobile apps & websites for marketing, product display & branding instead of using leaflets, billboards and printing advertisements. But we noticed that most people are actually confused about one thing :


what are the actual benefits of having a mobile application & Website ?

  1. You can connect with your customer in a better way.

    More than 4 billion mobile devices are currently used by everyone in the world, So the scope of connectivity is much higher through mobile apps and it is also not necessary to give customer service by face to face communication.

  2. Customer location does not matter.

    No matter how far is your customer you can sell your product easily over the website or mobile application by providing various discounts or offers that you are convenient of. Mobile application and Website will remove the limitations of your business boundary.

  3. Reduces marketing cost.

    Applications and websites reduce the cost of newspaper advertisements or banners. They simplify your communications and the customer will get what you want to sell, directly over your website or mobile application.

  4. Be available 24 X 7.

    Serving the customers in the traditional way might reduce your customer base as they may try to reach you after our shop or the office premises are closed, so being available online will help to collect the queries dropped by the customer over the mail or message after the working hours.

  5. Boost profits.

    Reaching out to your customers instantly and serving them properly will satisfy the customer needs and as the customer satisfaction increases, there will be an obvious growth in your sales. More interested people means higher consumer demand and if you satisfy the customer with that great product of yours then you can imagine the profits.

  6. Build brand recognition & better relationship with your customer.

    Whether your business is new or you are yet to be recognized, you can enhance the recognition process using a mobile application or a website. Think a way where customers can engage with your application regularly. The thumb-rule of advertising is effective frequency, that means if a customer sees your brand more than 20 times, then you are truly noticed. Having a mobile application & website can also build a better relationship with your customers. It's best to always send an email or a message to your customers giving more information about your products to build a good relationship.

Having a Mobile app is must these days no matter what service or product you sell. In 2014 number of mobile phone users surpassed the number of desktop users, so do not limit yourself to a website. Having a functional website is the place to start, but if you want your business to boom, then a mobile application is a must.