Start M-commerce to make your Business Global

Start M-commerce to make your Business Global

How long are you going to depend on following offline commerce ? Why not do it on your mobile phones ?

     The world is looking up to mobile phones for all the day to day work, and online shopping is what most people do from their cell phones nowadays. So how great would it be to set up your online shop from your mobile itself and let your customers buy from there!

      Let people come on your M-Commerce platform and buy your products and services online. App In Minute is offering the new M-Commerce platform to you which will help you take your business in the global market. Basically, M-Commerce is just E-Commerce from mobile that’s why it is M-Commerce. With the help of App In Minute Tool, you can create your Android Application & Website for free and you can go for paid plans which start at just Rs. 1 / Day – incredibly low price, right?

Well, four main reasons you must make your application on Appinminute are:

  • Most affordable in the World : The pricing plans of appinminute start at Rs. 1 / Day i.e. Rs 365 / year, which is very low and just right to fit every pocket in the world, isn’t it? whereas if you develop your application from anywhere else, it might cost you between Rs 20,000 to Rs 2 Lacs, So Appinminute is providing you the application and website at world's lowest cost. Check out our detailed plans for e-commerce and customized making provided by appinminute.
  • Never Code : That’s right! You don’t have to code yourself or hire an unaffordable developer to build your Android Application and Website. Just log on to and register yourself with App In Minute DIY Tool (Do It Yourself) and follow the four easy steps of making your application, it's as simple as that. Still getting confused, no worries, we have a team of experts who can make that application for you according to the customization that you want.
  • Build Application & Website in minutes : It might take more time to build your Android Application & Website if you hire a Developing Agency or build it yourself by coding, but here on App In Minute’s App making platform, you just have to select the features that you want for your application and website for eg. E-commerce, products, gallery, contact us, about us, etc. and upload your app data after selecting the features and done ! you can now generate your application and publish it on the Google Play Store under your account or you can publish it for free on App in Minute Store
  • Easy to change…..Anytime! : Feel like you are bored with your current application layout & data or you want to update your products & services, just log in to your Appinminute Account, edit your application data and remove the outdated products and upload the new ones. If you want to change the theme o backgrounds of your application & website then there is a wide range of customization options available on appinminute where you can select your favorite layout or background images from our pre-uploaded settings or you can also upload the image that you want. So, this way change the look and feel of your application with a few clicks only.

Join App In Minute to boost up the ongoing Digital Revolution around the World and get your 24 X 7 online store in your mobile phone in a few minutes – isn’t it great! So, why wait, take out a few minutes from your busy schedule & make your E-commerce experience simpler than ever.